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ASEPYME is a leading professional services firm, member of the international network Russell Bedford International, which has a clear objective: to transform knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients. 

We provide services of accounting, tax, labour, mercantile and advisory. We have working groups specialized by sector and which are constantly training to meet the changing needs of all our clients.

Trust is at the heart of all our services. This confidence is based on four pillars, which are the essence of the firm: knowledge, experience, commitment and dedication.

We operate from a global perspective, with clearly differentiating aspects as proximity to our clients, integrity, a constructive approach oriented to generate added value and competitive fees with a strong involvement of the partners in all jobs.

But also, as consultants, we know that a company needs to use specialized advice which can be trusted. It also needs it even more an organization that is struggling or which has to take difficult and important decisions for his career. They need to have the vision and commitment of an adviser who can be trusted. This is vital and our clients know it.

We help our clients compete in today`s complex markets and anticipate the conditions of a changing environment.

We work to design solutions that best meet each client’s needs with the most advanced technology and proven methodology, we innovate and constantly form our team to resolve any questions or technical requirement that may arise to our clients.

Member of Russell Bedford International