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mercantil.jpgDocuments and notaries deeds registration
In the Provincial Mercantile Register, Central Mercantile Register and/or the Land Register. The scope of commercial advisory service includes the administrative proceeding of capital increase, authorizations, mergers, sales of property, mortgages, mortgage cancellations, horizontal division and any other proceeding that is entrusted to us from the start to its final registration in the corresponding register, assuming full management of these documents and regularly and promptly informing of the progress of each file.

Constitution of companies and related procedures
The Mercantile administrative advisor handles the constitution of companies, drafting of bylaws and the register of the activity that any entrepreneur or manager may need.

Settlement of Property Transfer Taxes and Documented Legal Acts
As well as the inheritance and donations tax. The administrative area of mercantile consultancy studies the different tax options, providing the best taxation option.

Legalizations and updates of ineffective corporations, Limited Companies and Corporation
To update the mercantile side of the company for closing of the register, no tax filing, minute books. Talk to our administrative mercantile consultants to be advised about the most suitable option to update the company in the mercantile area.

Annual Accounts Preparation and Deposit
The preparation of the company’s financial statements has become a specialization within the administrative mercantile advisory service being mandatory to include certain information that affects taxation and corporate responsibility.

Ultimately, ASEPYME’s management and mercantile advisory service will help you process any commercial formality that you as an entrepreneur or professional may need.

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