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laboral.jpgAsepyme BCN has a highly experienced team in this area. Using the best software tools, this has been developed to be one of the main areas of the business. It is basic for the companies to count with the most suitable advising in an area as fundamental as Human Resources and their correct administration.

Our advisory team, from the closeness and immediacy of the response, will help the company with the personnel administration and any need that might arise in this area. In any company, personnel are extremely sensitive to any incidence which may come from their contractual and remunerative relation. In this area we have optimized our protocol in order to give the most appropriate answer to any kind of request likely to come from any Small or Middle-sized Company.

We supply:

  • General labour advising
  • Drawing salary sheets
  • Social Security settlements
  • Settlement and Annual Summary of Income Tax Return
  • Income Certificates and Employees Withholdings
  • Updating of Agreements and Changes in Categories
  • Filing medical reports in the Social Security (INSS)
  • Filing employee’s joining and dismissal with Social Security
  • Drawing up job agreements: their study and registering
  • Company’s registering with the INSS
  • Request and legalization of visit books
  • Preparing and filing before the corresponding Entities of the statement communicating the opening of new working centres
  • Attendance, on behalf of the company, to summons from the Industrial Relations Commission and Social Security.
  • Study of working contract cancellation because of disciplinary and objective cause. Calculation of compensation. Negotiations with company and employees.
  • Study and preparation of retirement files

Likewise, when there is mediation, with our own personnel, we collaborate and attend conciliation meetings for dismissals and claiming of compensation. In cases when no agreement is reached in conciliation meetings we file, duly advised, the claiming proceeding before the Social Court.

Member of Russell Bedford International