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Asepyme_Imagenes_Horizontal3.jpgAsepyme BCN renders services of expert in economic, accounting and financial matters, both before the Court and when requested by parties in dispute. As independent experts we take part in civil and labor proceedings, administrative and penal disputes and in arbitration. Likewise, we attend the hearings in order to ratify our reports

Our performance is carried out in accordance with the latest regulations published by the Spanish Institute of Auditors. Such regulations, taking into account the rules included within the Civil Lawsuit Law 1/2000, develop and limit the performance of the Independent Experts. This law includes all the legal references which rule the report to be issued by the experts and provides the guidelines in order to obtain the necessary evidence which enables the issuance of the corresponding report.

The publishing of such Regulations raise the liability minimums and rules all and every performance in this field. It has been a great help when drawing those kinds of reports as Independent Expert. The aim and usage of this kind of reports is to help the Judges to obtain evidence in several matters; therefore, they can value better the facts or circumstances within the matters or they may obtain accuracy thereon

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