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fiscal.jpgASEPYME’s main goal in the area of tax advice is to make available to our clients the best tax alternative, adapting at all times to the current regulations, streamlining and minimizing the tax burden. This area is related to the accounting area, which is the basis for the correct calculation of taxes.

The Tax Advice area has highly qualified professionals that meet the needs of each client, regardless of the tax regime.

Settlement of taxes
Our tax department is responsible for the preparation and presentation of VAT declarations, Personal Income Tax, Corporation Tax and their related instalment payments. All within the accounting advisory service which will give the true financial image of the business. We prepare the Annual Statement of Operations with Third Parties related to the purchases and sales of the activity, and other annual summaries and any other type of tax that the activity is subject to. Ultimately, it is a recurring tax consultancy service that specialises in small companies and professional activities.

Preparation of Tax Record Books
We prepare the required tax books relating to VAT and Personal Income Tax:

  • Invoices Record Book.
  • Received Invoices Record Book.
  • Investment of Goods Record Book.
  • Record Book of certain intra-Community transactions.
  • Sales and Revenues Book, Purchases and Expenses Book, Investment of goods Book and Funding Book.

Transfer Prices
To value related-party transactions at market prices as it is required by law, in a tax efficient way for the company, it is essential in today`s global economy. Our team has extensive experience in helping our clients to find the right answers along different sectors/industries, products and borders.

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