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Due Diligence

Asepyme_Imagenes_Horizontal2.jpgDue diligence is such a wide term which includes all kind of studies and analysis related to companies going through mergers and acquisitions processes. The areas wherein ASEPYME BCN offers its services are basically:

  • Finances and Accounting
  • Commercial
  • Labor
  • Taxes

ASEPYME BCN has a wide experience drawing this kind of reports, and in the before mentioned four areas in particular. However, some complementary areas could be also defined and added in accordance with the type of business to be analyzed. The performance usually is very fast since the period of time needed for seller and purchaser to reach an agreement is usually very short.

Usually, the Due Diligence report is requested after a negotiation and approaching period between purchaser and seller, and once the Intention Letter has been signed... The purchaser, in order to make a decision over the investment to be carried out, requests a report including the evaluation of the company’s general state basically centered in the before mentioned four areas and determining any likely contingencies which may appear in the future, in case the purchase eventually takes place.

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