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contabilidad.jpgIn Asepyme we support more than 500 domestic and foreign companies in the daily operations of their procedures, providing tax filing and accounting and administrative management. We offer accounting advice as well as complementary and effective tax advice. Our position has been consolidated as a first level accounting and tax advisor with over 20 professionals trained and experienced according to the demands that our clients mark. As managers of tax obligations and accounting advisors we provide accounting and tax advice with high knowledge of taxes and financial accounting that allows us to provide solutions in both areas.

We offer accounting and tax management consultancy specialised in SMEs through a complete development of the following services:

  • Tax Elaboration, counselling and management: Personal Income Tax and Corporation Tax and Tax Compliance.
  • Accounting Elaboration, counselling and management: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Statement of changes in financial position, Budgets, Financial Analysis and Projections.

In this spirit, we use our own software or employ your own; work in our offices or attend the company’s facilities (in company services), we help the company design those information reports that add value to the business and, above all, we provide all the knowledge and experience of a leading professional services firm in the accounting and financial world. Additionally, we carry out tax completing tasks (tax compliance) for our clients, providing a perfect mutual understanding between our accounting and tax teams with the sole aim of providing an integrated solution that exceeds the expectations placed in us. Our high specialization allows us to ensure that those criteria that the company establishes in its tax planning are rigorously put into practice in a daily basis.

Accounting Preparation
The accounting advisory service covers the different forms that an economic activity can take:

Business activities of mercantile nature
When is mandatory to make the accounting according to the Commercial Code– daily books, inventory books and annual accounts- as well as legalizing the books in the Commercial Register. All this is complemented with the resolution of accounting queries supported by specific legislation and tax advice that allows us to prepare the taxes to which the activity is subject.

Business activities that have no mercantile character
To be drawn up in the registers of revenue and sales, expenses and purchases and investment goods. In this particular case our accounting advice is aimed at the economic and accounting control, being more relevant the tax advice that determines the subjection of the activity to the taxes.

Professional activities
When registers of revenues, expenses, assets and investment goods and supplied are mandatory. In this service the tax advice is more relevant given the direct nature of the professional activities taxation. It is possible, if required by the client, to frame the accounting so that resembles the accounting advice of a SME or company.

Preparation of financial statements
With this service, we offer an analysis of the financial information of the company with a strong base, reducing this way the possibility of errors in the management. It is another step forward in the accounting advice. It thus constitutes an important source of information for the manager, which lets him know the varying success of the taken actions.

Accounting books legalization
We take care of preparing the more common accounting books (the daybook, the inventory book and the annual accounts) as the ones that, as a result of the activity, are considered to facilitate a better understanding of the business activity. Thereafter, in the statutory period we proceed to its presentation in the Mercantile Register. This service is within our recurrent accounting advice.

Annual Accounts, Statement and Management Report: preparation and deposit.
We prepare the Annual Accounts (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity and the Cash Flow Statement) to be formulated by the manager or the administrator within three months, starting from the year end. Once formulated and approved by the General Shareholders we proceed to their deposit in the Mercantile Register. Within the accounting advice we support companies subject to audit, either voluntary or mandatory, in the preparation of their annual accounts.

Economic and accounting advice
This service ranges from investment analysis, and its alternatives, to tracing and/or preparing a business plan. It also includes preparing treasury plans, budgets and cost analysis. This can be supplemented with a tax advisory service that assures the taxation management.

1. Control and collaboration within the periodic accounting closings of the company.
2. Establishment of generic and specific accounting policies.
3. Periodical meetings with the management in order to analyze the information arising from the accountancy.
4. Assistance and collaboration in the accounting period year end.
5. Drawing the Company’s annual report.
6.Display of the accountancy and discussion with Auditors.
7.Preparation and filing in the Mercantile Register of the Company’s Annual Accounts.
8. Balance sheet consolidation. Due to either legal imperative or by request of the client voluntarily, we draw Balance sheet and Profit and Loss Accounts consolidated of groups of Companies.
9. Joint business. The most common are the Joint Ventures. Preparing the Financial Statements and their integration within the accountancy of the participants.
10.Different operations including Mergers, Spin-offs and Non Cash Contributions. Design of the necessary steps to be taken for this kind of operations.

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